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The internet is an amazing thing. It helps you research topics you discussed in classes like Government, English, and History; it helps you connect with friends and family on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and it helps students with procrastinating on their homework by supplying YouTube videos, Vine Videos, and ridiculous forums. The internet has done all this for me, but it has also helped me find forums that could be exceptionally helpful for my future. For example, the internet has allowed me to find, purchase, and download movie and television scripts that I could read and study on my own time, which is extremely helpful to me because my future job requires studying screenwriters’ methods. Being an aspiring screenwriter, film producer, and business woman, finding resources online and at my fingertips has allowed me to further research what I need to know and what I need to do when applying for college comes around.

Throughout my Senior year of high school, online resources helped me so much because there were times during the year when I did not feel like learning or felt like procrastinating. The internet gave me links that helped me prepare for the quiz in English on A Tale of Two Cities as well as relearn the unit circle so I could know how to solve problems in Calculus. It helped me catch up on activities and assignments that I missed when I went on a week-long trip to New York City for college tours. Knowing that 2014 is an age of technology, I was able to finish the school year with honors because of the amount of resourceful sites such as classroom forums, blogs, and school websites that was open to students like me who might have fallen behind but was willing to catch up. Although procrastinating opportunities such as websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr got in the way most of the time, it was resource sites such as those mentioned earlier that helped me get through my academic career, and for that, I am very thankful something like the internet exists nowadays.


Alysha White

University of Arizona Wildcat 2014-2018 BFA Film and Television Major

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